Let’s talk about… your local area

We want to know what’s important to you about your local area, within a 15 minute walk of where you live.

What do you like about where you live? Is it – your neighbours, the community feeling, the parks and green spaces, the job opportunities, the schools, shopping,  or local places to eat and drink?

How do you think it could be better? Is it – more opportunities for young people, better roads and pavements, or getting to know your neighbours?

Is there anyone you know, or a community group, that is doing great things to improve your local area?

34 thoughts on “Let’s talk about… your local area

  1. I have lived in Royton all my life, 53 years. It is good to see the town centre revitalised and Royton becoming the place to be for a night out.
    Lidl has also proved very popular however the access to/from the car park is in the worst position imaginable and I am surprised that there haven’t been more accidents.

    My main concerns about the town I love and that makes me feel very sad are:
    – litter and fly tipping. In the past the probation or youth offending teams have volunteered to clean up spaces. I can offer numerous example areas that need tidying up: 1) Butcher Lance behind Royton Cemetery – this track is dangerous now to dog walkers and horse-riders due to rubbished dumped by residents, rough hardcore laid to fill in potholes etc, 2) path between Royton Golf Club and Royton Hall Primary, The area near the ATC where a building has been demolished is now the local dumping ground, The grassed area and rough track at the bottom of Cecil Street locally known at the black circle is a regular fly tipping site. There were two lots fly tipping yesterday, one was general rubbish ans the other was old fencing material 3) top half of Low Crompton Road is a regular location for fly tipping, burnt out cars, discarded soil from cannabis plans

    – drug use every where you go there is the smell of weed and youths hanging around shops intimidating people
    – speeding, particularly along Dogford Road
    -pot holes on Low Crompton Road once it becomes the rough track
    – lack of street lighting on Low Crompton Road
    -lack of safe places to horse ride. Track are littered with rubbish, glass etc, Tom Tongue has ensured the gates at either end of his farm yard are particularly difficult to operation from horseback and not to BHS standards
    -loose dogs
    – parents with no parenting skills and feral children
    -fireworks going off at all times of day and night – nearly had a very serious accident after a bomb went off at 6.30pm on a Monday evening scaring mine and my friends horse
    -lack of driver education about passing horses

  2. I live in Clarksfield, we have our bin stolen often and have to camp at our window to wait the following THREE weeks to get it back. Dealing without a black bin is hard with a young baby just because someone else can’t be bothered to buy a bin, which in itself is rediculous. The council increase the bill by 4% every year to line their own pockets and they cant even provide us with a free black bin if someone else has stolen it. Shambles

  3. I live in Royton. I am pleased there are so many thriving businesses in the town centre. Traffic is now a problem, there must be a poor air quality with all the queues of traffic through the town. Cars speeding along main roads, dangerous overtaking and going through red lights are all common.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for getting involved – so you would like to see less traffic or just better maintained roads? Is there anything else you could think that would make your local area better?

  4. Can’t go to the shop after 6 pm because of kids hanging around, causing nuisance top henshaw Street, tripping over empty beer cans

  5. Live in Shaw and have seen it deteriorate over the years. Try investing in the amenities and the people. Improve health centre. Need to replace swimming baths. Give the kids somewhere to go or a project to get involved with to improve the area, families don’t always have the funds for clubs. Bored kids get into mischief resulting in anti-social behaviours.

    1. Hi Ms T, thanks for commenting – are there any things that you do like about Shaw? What do you like about where you live?

  6. Moorside, it’s a nice area but is being hit by a crime wave. Thefts from vehicles, (depriving some of their livelihoods,) and homes appear to be on the increase. We are lacking a decent park, tennis courts and a library. I don’t consider there are any large employers here.

  7. I live in Shaw it has a lovely community. I think the person who picks up the litter from the council does a great job there used to be two people doing this job so I think he could get some extra help sometimes. Need a new health centre and sort out some of the empty buildings eg legends before they fall down like what happened to St Paul’s.

  8. I work on Lynmouth Ave. There are double yellow lines, permit bays and some 3 hour free stay bays. Residents are given parking tickets if they do not display the blue badge (even though they are known to traffic wardens). There are never any large amounts of cars parked throughout the day (in fact its almost deserted) except for when Hathershaw College closes for the day and all the students parents/friends/taxis come to collect them. They park everywhere including on the double yellow lines, parking bays, permit bays and across driveways- why is there never a traffic warden presence at this time?? Wardens only come during school hours and ticket the residents of Lynmouth Ave and/or their visitors and workmen??

  9. I live in Shaw and find the speeding and reckless driving a huge issue. Many accidents occur in Shaw with many going unreported. Shaw suffers with hundreds of HGV’s entering and leaving the town every day, add the warehouse workers vehicles and the Asda shoppers , often the town is gridlocked. We need Traffic Police and speed camera vehicles. They are no good to us parked up the top of Buckstones road. We require them in the town, Crompton Bypass and Milnrow road in particular.

    1. Thanks for that, Phil – we’ll make sure it gets through. Is there anything else you can think of that would improve Shaw?

  10. I live in Oldham. I have noticed many surrounding areas around the town having rubbish stuff around the roads and walking paths which needs to be cleaned.

    1. Good afternoon Zohaib – are there any things that you like about Oldham, any things you think it is doing well?

  11. More events in Hathershaw plus streets cleaned more than once a week, also get the residents to get more involved in their communities

  12. I live in Grotton. We moved here because of the beautiful valley which we visit at least twice a day for walking our dog and family walks. It’s such a lovely place to live with great community spirit. However, we are devastated that the valley will be pretty much destroyed by the housing development. It says everything about making money and nothing about caring for our community.

  13. Hold English and reading and writing classes in Holts village. 2 hours per fortnight, and then the contributions will be included in Bob’s Bulletin.

  14. Tidy the pond area on Waterfield way to make it look pretty. Plant some flowers around the pond

  15. Living in Shaw we are only 5 minutes away from a great public transport network including buses and metro. Although built up it is still close to the local countryside.

  16. More local community events and activities in Chadderton. Local market – makers market, shop local awareness. More awareness on sustainability, recycling. Environmental issues, litter pick.

  17. I live in Mossley but walk to Greenfield/Uppermill for the scenery and lovely walks. Oldham centre has lovely plants/environment/library, etc.

  18. I already give guitar lessons to anybody; have started a church; am involved in local social groups, help foodclub

  19. Sort out the subway under Broadway – paint it, steam clean the floor. Have a bus service in North Chadderton that runs to Oldham after 5pm

  20. More police on the beat at night cause there are too many young boys hanging around the Royton Park drunk and abusive, dealing drugs.

  21. I can walk to the Moston Brook area and enjoy trees, plants, wildlife and feel that I have escaped buildings, streets and life pressure. Good for mental and physical health

  22. We do community events. Help with street and canal cleaning. We help at a local Growing Hub by the Town Hall.

  23. I live in Shaw, as I suspect many will say the market has taken a notable down turn and it would be great to see a wider variety of retail and leisure offer on the high street. I do think we have some fantastic parks to enjoy with the family

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