Your experience of Coronavirus

Have you or someone you know been affected directly by Covid-19?

Tell us about your experiences.

3 thoughts on “Your experience of Coronavirus

  1. I have had covid, it was early in the pandemic before testing was introduced. I was very unwell for 2 weeks.

    The NHS direct contact line was awful. When my symptoms worsened I couldn’t get through. I spent several hours on hold.

    I had terrible trouble after I recovered getting a consultation appointment with my GP. I had pleuracy following covid.

    1. Thank you Sonja for your feedback. We have been in touch with NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group and they have said you are welcome to contact them on 0161 621 3520 or 07966746117 to share further information about your experience.

  2. Our close family friend caught the virus in early March before testing was readily available, she ended up in intensive care and extremely poorly and was eventually tested. She recovered but it was very touch and go. Her husband also had it and was very poorly but didn’t need to be admitted to hospital

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