Let’s Talk about… Oldham

We want to know what things are important to you as someone who either lives, works or visits our borough.

What do you like about Oldham? Is it – the town centre, the easy access to the countryside and green spaces, the schools, the easy access to Greater Manchester?

How do you think it could be better? Is it – more housing, more job opportunities, a busier town centre? What are your thoughts?

If you work in or visit Oldham, how do you think we could make Oldham a better place? Is there something happening in your local area that we could do here?

48 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about… Oldham

  1. Don’t forget that today is your last chance to take part in our priorities challenge. Take some time to tell us the things that matter to you. Closes at midnight Thursday 19 March 2020. To take part go http://www.letstalkoldham.org.uk

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  3. Litter and anti social activity e.g. spitting, is prevalent. It needs to be wiped out. The town centre cinema is an asset. Alexandra park is beautiful. Perhaps more free parking would encourage more people to come to the town. Some areas of the borough seem to have more facilities than others.

    1. Thanks for your comment. The cinema certainly is an asset, is there anything else you would like to see in the town centre?

  4. Revive the town centre. Bring the market back to life. It’s not a pleasant place to shop anymore.

    1. Thanks Jacquelyn – is there anything else you would like to see beyond a revival of the town centre? Or any ideas of how this could be achieved?


  5. The success of the football team is intrinsically linked to the buzz of the town. Should promote an offer for youths. Transport is good. Promote Oldham outside the town, e.g. Manchester, etc. Focus on heritage offer

    1. Thanks Alex – what kind of things do you think we could offer for youths? Youths clubs, things like that?

  6. More opportunities. I know Oldham Tech College is brilliant but we don’t have the engineering jobs in Oldham

    1. Do you have any more ideas as well as job opportunities for ways that we could make Oldham better? Or anything that you like about Oldham?

  7. I can spend my money in Oldham but you have to make it more attractive for me to do that. I can attend events in Oldham, so more family events are welcome. The carnival should be for all Oldham not just Glodwick

    1. Hi Charles, thanks for joining the conversation – do you have any thoughts on how Oldham could be a more attractive place for you to visit?

  8. More social activites eg cinema, bowling,soft play centre for children in the town centre. You have to drive out to find something to do . Expand the offer, not just retail.

  9. We live in Oldham since 1996 we have no problem to live here. Only I do not like the dirty streets and poor hygiene conditions

    1. Hi Nugham – thanks for taking part – good to hear you have no problems with Oldham. Is there anything that you particularly like about the area?

  10. Try to attract more industry. All these houses built for the mills and engineering works – still occupied but no more factories. What do they all do?

  11. I would like to see an improve in my area – Holts estate, where I live. I have had people trying to force their way into my flat trying to break in and I have reported it to the police and my manager who manages the Echo flat. I live with my son who has autism, I’m his carer

  12. In my opinion, Oldham is a boring city – I mean that after 4pm in the afternoon it’s so quiet and unlively – so the city needs more events such as a festival, sports events, family walking, and the local shops need to stay open longer than normal

  13. Town Hall Cinema is a great addition but more investment in town centre night-time economy needed – mixed pubs, bars, coffee shops, etc. opening late. A successful Oldham rugby/ Oldham Athletic would attract visitors, improve Oldham’s profile

  14. Better public transport, especially metrolink to run earlier and later. I live in Shaw and cannot start a job at 6am as there are no trams

  15. Improving the shopping and leisure/entertainment offer. Better signposting and information, increased public safety.

  16. If it wasn’t for agency work, there would not be a lot of work. Unfortunately agency work is only temporary with little chance of a full-time position. When your job is finished you are back on UC and you have to wait a month to get paid.

  17. Better police prescence! Security! Litter enforcement! On the spot fines. Town centre ban on persisitant nuisance visitors. More police

  18. Better and cheaper transport links. Opportunities for marginalised groups. More better paid/skilled jobs

  19. Rents need to be dropped in the Spindle. Small businesses do not stand a chance of surving with such prohibitive costs. It is not just the internet that is killing the high street

  20. Council working closely with private sector landlords. Take back control of housing. Maintain the streets and roads. Involve people who live in the community in community cohesion

    1. Hi Frank, thank you for your feedback. Did you know that Oldham Council are currently holding a consultation regarding new proposals for landlord licensing? We are seeking the views of residents, landlords and businesses. If you would like to have your say go to http://www.oldham.gov.uk/selectivelicensing

  21. Maintain the roads but don’t forget about the pedestrians who use the pavements. Keep the streets clean and tiday. Police the state of wheelie bins more strictly, i.e. people put them out on the wrong day, overflowing, and leave them out all week

  22. Help support and inform older people in Oldham about activities, opportunities for them to improve their lives and continue to be ageing well

  23. Make sure work is meaningful. Having no zero-hour contracts and paying a living wage. Work-life benefits are important

  24. Oldham is the best place I have lived in. To improve, perhaps more effort to encourage people of different backgrounds to mix

    1. Hi John, that’s great to hear – what is it about Oldham that makes it the best place you’ve lived in?

  25. Ensure that the inside market stalls are let. Revitalise Tommyfield, i.e. outside market to rival Bury. Somehow fill all the vacant shops

  26. More Uppermill-style shops needed in Less and Holts. Also, postcards of Oldham should be sold in local shops.

  27. If I was in charge I would press for the tramline to be extended through Grotton to Greenfield. I also think we should do more in recording the history of our area. Grotton had quite a few cotton mills, which has been forgotten – but there are still some remains existing covered by undergrowth.

    1. Hi Ardee – how could we about recording the history of the area – would you like to see a museum, for example.

  28. More social housing at genuinely affordable rents for the increasing many of us who are living in insecure, over-priced and often poorly maintained private rented accommodation.
    I could carry on volunteering at Failsworth Growing Hub, our local community garden. This is a real positive for the area, loved by people of all ages who come to Failsworth Library/Town Hall. It also brings people together to garden and spreads information about growing and different kinds of plants

    1. Hi Jean, you volunteering at the Failsworth Growing hub is fantastic and I do hope you continue to do so. Regarding your comments around private rented accommodation, did you know that Oldham Council are currently holding a consultation regarding new proposals for landlord licensing? We are seeking the views of residents, landlords and businesses. If you would like to have your say go to http://www.oldham.gov.uk/selectivelicensing

  29. More opportunities should be made available for the over 50s. It’s all well and good the government increasing the pension age, but if there aren’t the opportunities available, then this is very unfair. Sending them on course after course doesn’t pay bills or put food on the table

  30. The town centre is dying and vastly needs improvement, the range of shops on offer is very poor, with most people now choosing to go direct to Manchester. Our parks teams do a great job and it was a great pity to cut the Britain in Bloom budget

  31. I believe that we spend too much time and energy as residents focussing on the negative aspects of the town. Many of which we share with towns across the country. We should celebrate the good things and build on their success

    1. Hi Paul – what good things about Oldham do you think we should celebrate? Do you have any thoughts on things that you think we could better?

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