Let’s talk…Coronavirus

Coronavirus has affected the lives of all of us that live and work in Oldham. We want to understand your experiences, whether you’ve been directly affected by the virus, or have been living with the restrictions that have been introduced. Please use the comments on this site to share your thoughts on how we can reduce the risks and avoid further lockdown measures.

Share your views

We would like to get your views, comments and ideas on the topics below.

Your experience of Coronavirus

Have you, or someone you know, been affected directly by Covid-19?

Please tell us about your experiences.

Living with the restrictions

Have you followed the rules? If not, why?

How well have we communicated the rules? What could we do better?

What has been your experience when going about everyday life e.g. shopping, socialising, track and trace?

What can you do to help?

Reducing the spread of coronavirus is everyone’s responsibility.

Tell us the things that you do, or could do, to play your part.